Why Independent?

Why the Independent Movement is Necessary

My staff and I are very excited about my 2016 Congressional campaign, and I'm especially proud to be running as an Independent. I have long criticized both major parties for their financing by Wall Street interests, large corporations, and the ultra-wealthy. The policies and politics of both the Democrats and the Republicans reflect this financing. Neither party serves the well-being of ordinary Americans-- we have been abandoned.

Americans recognize this betrayal, and their frustration mounts. My criticism of our corrupted politics allowed me to upset the Democratic establishment candidate in the 2012 primary, and was crucial in my near-upset victory in the Republican-leaning IL-13 in the 2012 general election. Our polling demonstrates that my Independent campaign will be highly competitive, in spite of the obstacles built into the system by the two major parties.

Within what amounts to a one-party system, most American citizens have been without a true voice in Washington for far too long. We deserve much better. I look forward to discussing the issues, securing a place on the ballot, and, ultimately, to winning a majority of the votes cast in IL-13 in November 2016.

Thanks a lot for this really insightful shout-out the other day from Tim Ernst on the Metro East Illinois for Bernie Sanders facebook page:

For all those that are discouraged, I encourage you embrace the long-term requirements of the political revolution concept. In particular, I would urge using the Sanders campaign infrastructure to help elect David Gill for Congress this coming fall. For those of you that voted in Madison County in 2012, you'll remember Dr. Gill as the progressive candidate who espoused Bernie's platform long before his presidential bid and only lost his election by 0.3% due to a third party bid. Now he is the third party candidate. I, as an independent who is very critical of the two party system (as I imagine many of you are), believe he is the absolute perfect third party candidate for me and for Bernie Sanders supporters. I likewise encourage the operators of this group to help use it towards the purpose of electing Dr. Gill to Congress.